Knowledge Garden Nursery

Education for orphan children

The Knowledge Garden Nursery

The Knowledge Garden Nursery Project was originally started by a refugee living in a camp in East Sudan. His primary objective was to provide the younger refugee children with some level of pre-school education. During peak times, over 100 children attend the Garden Nursery, with the majority aged between 4 and 6 years old.

Current Conditions:

The current hut being used for teaching is very small. In addition none of the Nursery helpers earn a salary for all their effort and hard work.

Our Goal:

Our goal is raise a total of £30k. This money will be used to refurbish the current hut being
used for teaching and build a small library area. We also plan to use your donation to provide:

- Electric generators
- Toilets and washing area
- Desk and chairs
- Books and general stationery

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